“Our wheelhouse is the difficult specification. If what you want is available on the rack somewhere, we’ll gladly point you in another direction. We thrive on what others can’t or won’t provide.”

heidi snyder

European Cut US White Oak is our thing.

French White Oak is beautiful  but expensive.  We offer a locally sourced alternative that has people declaring their independence from expensive European Oak.

Nordstrand Audio Floor

When audio innovator Carey Nordstrand remodeled his Southern California recording studio, we were honored to help bring his vision to realty. We sat down for an interview covering the intersection between music, sound and design.

Historical Reproduction Flooring

Replicating the look of a vintage floor is tricky. It’s even tougher when only part of the floor is being replaced. How come the results are cringe-worthy when all the specs look right on paper?  

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