Redwood Lace Burl Cap

We arrogantly coined this industry niche “Innovative Design.”

Because we’ve earned a reputation for tackling unconventional projects,  people tend to seek us out when such projects materialize.  Here is how it usually goes down:

  • A homeowner who knows very little about wood asks for something ridiculous .  Maybe they saw a table made of camphor burl in Architectural Digest, now they want the same wood made into 5000sqft of flooring for their house.
  • The request makes its way to wood industry regulars who lack the resources and desire to accommodate the request.
  • Instead of working to make it happen, the wood vendors conspire with the designer to redirect the homeowner into a compromise (often something they have  readily available). 
  • We are contacted by the homeowner as a last resort. 

Guess who gets the job?

Not every crazy request is a good idea. Sometimes a concept is possible but not economical.

Regardless, any time we have filled a request that was deemed “not possible” by our competitors, it has been a proud feather in our cap.




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